Dispatch & Records

The Suisun City Police Department Communications Center dispatches both police and fire personnel and is unique in the fact that we also assist all customers that come into the police department lobby and perform all police department records functions.


Suisun City Police Department’s Communication Center is staffed with a total of 8 full time dispatchers. All dispatchers go through an individual training program ranging from 6-7 months and then attend a police dispatch academy for three weeks in which they are trained to handle any situation that may arise from a residential alarm call to a child not breathing.

Reporting an Incident

We answer both non-emergency and 911 lines 24 hours a day 365 days a year and rely heavily on the community to be ours eyes and ears when calling in to report an incident. Below is a list of some key and priceless details you as a caller can relay to the communications center when you witness an incident:

  • Descriptions of people that are involved (i.e. clothing descriptions, race, sex and age of those involved)
  • Descriptions of cars that are involved (i.e. color, year, make, model, license plate and anything else that stands out about the car)
  • Where did you last see the people or car and which way were they walking, running, driving?
  • Did you see any weapons or hear anyone mention weapons being involved?

This information will greatly assist dispatch in coordinating responding police officers and ensure we are looking for the right people and vehicles and which direction to approach a location.

Using 9-1-1

When determining which telephone number to use to report an incident it is important to remember that 911 is for in-progress or life-threatening calls only (i.e. traffic accidents with injuries, physical altercations, DUI drivers, medical calls requiring an ambulance, in-progress burglaries, etc…). Unnecessary calls to 911 can tie up phone lines for those that have a real emergency. Our non-emergency lines are to be used to report incidents that are not in progress and pose no immediate threat to a person’s safety (i.e. loud noise complaints, suspicious people or vehicles, non-injury traffic accidents, abandoned vehicles, etc…).

Your Communications Center

We are fully committed to community oriented policing and are always ready to help and provide insight and advice for the citizens in our community.

Dispatchers are often the first and only point of contact a citizen will have with the police department and we take great pride in ensuring calls to our communications center are handled professionally and the end result is the best outcome possible for those involved.

Our lobby is open Monday through Friday from 0700-1800 hours (except holidays), and we encourage you to come in and meet the dispatchers that have committed themselves to serving your community.