Patrol Beat System

Program Details-

The beat system was implemented during a Police Department reorganization focused primarily on decreasing crime, improving the community’s quality-of-life and increasing Department accountability.

The City is divided into three patrol areas, or beats.

Each beat has four Police Officers assigned to work staggered days throughout the week, covering both day and night shifts.

A Police Sergeant is assigned to each beat to

  • bolster accountability,
  • analyze all police activities within the beat,
  • coordinate with assigned officers, residents and other stakeholders, and
  • accomplish short-term and long-term problem solving.

Police Chief Aaron Roth is dedicated to the philosophy of community-based and intelligence-based policing. The Department requires officers to spend as much time as possible in their assigned beats to recognize potential problems and crime patterns. The information gathered throughout the shift is shared during shift change, through inter-Department communications and during neighborhood watch meetings. Each beat in the City continually receives focused, directed patrol during the day and at night based on intelligence gathered throughout the day.

Residents who would like to talk to their beat officer regarding a specific problem can call (707) 421-7373 to be contacted by one of the assigned officers.

This proactive approach to policing is part of Suisun City’s commitment to ensuring and preserving high-quality residential neighborhoods, and creating an environment that allows expansion of the local economic base.