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Community Incident Notification

Over the weekend one of our Suisun City Police Officers was involved in an unfortunate interaction with a resident while responding to a call for service.

During that incident, the officer involved used language that was not appropriate and not within the standards of the Suisun City Police Department.

The City of Suisun City and the Suisun City Police Department want to assure our residents that this type of behavior is not tolerated by any measure.

“I was very disappointed to learn about the actions of one of our officers during an interaction with a resident over the weekend,” said Police Chief Aaron Roth. “The incident and the officer’s behavior are not indicative of the values of this organization, nor are they a reflection of the hard work of the women and men of this department.

“We have worked hard over the years to show our community we value them and want to partner with them,” Chief Roth said. “Our partnership with the community is vital to the work we do. On behalf of the Suisun City Police Department, I would like to publicly apologize to the residents involved and to the community.”

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