What other conditions might be City Code violations?

Your property may not be in compliance with city codes if you have any of the following violations occurring:

  •  Abandoned, Wrecked, Dismantled or Inoperative Vehicles
  •  Vehicles(s) trailer on lawn or other unimproved surface
  •  Vehicles(s) on jackstands / blocks / supports on private property
  •  Hazardous Vehicles on City Streets
  •  Accumulation of items / rubbish or stored discarded items in yard
  •   Abandoned or unused appliance(s) (refrigerators, washer / dryers, ovens), sinks / toilets, etc.
  •  Overgrown grass / weeds / trees / bushes / shrubs
  •  Obstruction of public right-of-way
  •  Garbage & yard waste toters obstructing public right-of-way
  •   Basketball hoops / skateramps obstructing public right-of-way
  •  Repairing or working on vehicles on City Streets prohibited
  •  Graffiti
  •  Construction equipment or machinery stored visible to the general public
  •  Any condition recognized in law or in equity as constituting a public nuisance

I had a false alarm at my business/residence, but it was due to a problem with my alarm system. Am I still liable for the response fee?

Yes. Note: In some cases, your alarm service provider may reimburse you when the false alarm was due to a known problem with your alarm system.

Why am I being billed for no permit when I have an alarm permit?

On the date of the false alarm, you did not have an alarm permit on file; therefore, you are liable for the no permit fine.

If I am being billed for no permit, do I still need to obtain an alarm permit?

Yes, you must obtain an alarm permit ($35 fee) in addition to paying the fine for operating an alarm system without the required permit. You can apply for an alarm user permit on our website. You may also apply for one in person at the Suisun City Police Department, 701 Civic Center Blvd, Suisun City.

What are the fees for responding to a false alarm?

1st Response W/Permit        No Charge

2nd Response                         $50

3rd Response and Higher    $100

How do I contest an Alarm Notice of Violation?

In order to contest a citation, the amount of the citation MUST be paid in full. You may request an Initial Administrative Review by doing all of the following:  (1) Submit a request for an Initial Administrative Review within 30 calendar days of the date of the violation notice, (2) pay the amount due. You may pay online at www.pticket.com/suisuncity and  (3) write a letter, including you administrative citation or notice of violation, that includes you full name, mailing address and telephone number. Send the letter and accompanying documentation to: Suisun City Admin Citations, PO Box 11113, San Jose, CA 95103-1113.


Note: Your citation cannot be appealed at the Police Department. You must submit your appeal in writing to to the address listed above.  

What happens if I do not pay the fines/fees?

If you fail to pay the fine(s)/fee(s) within the timeline specified on the notice, you will be liable for late fees. Failure to pay may also result in other actions such as the filing of a claim in Small Claims Court, the filing of a misdemeanor charge , referral to a collection agency, referral to the California Franchise Tax Board or any other legal remedy that the City of Suisun City has to collect the outstanding fine(s)/fee(s) owed.

I have a question not addressed. Who do I contact?

You may contact the Alarm Administrator at (707) 421-6680.

How do I retrieve my towed vehicle?

If your vehicle was towed and stored by this agency, you must obtain a vehicle release from the Police Department at 701 Civic Center Blvd. Vehicles releases are processed 7-days per week, 7 AM-7PM.

The vehicle release fee is $225 for vehicles towed for (22651(h), 2261(p), DUI & 23109 VC) and $135 for all other tows, payable via cash, money order or credit card. The release fee does not include fees accrued at the tow yard.

  1. Vehicles may only be released to the registered owner. If a vehicle was recently purchased, you must complete the transfer through DMV prior to obtaining the release. If the registered owner is unable to come to the Police Department, a notarized request for release from the registered owner may be accepted. If the registered owner is in jail, the jail can provide a vehicle release form.
  2. The registered owner must have a valid driver’s license or the registered owner must bring a licensed driver to the Police Department.
  3. Vehicles towed for expired registration, pursuant to 22651(o) VC, must be currently registered before the vehicle can be released.
  4. Each tow yard has specific release requirements and hours of normal operation. You should contact the tow yard where you vehicle is stored to obtain additional information and avoid additional fees.

Tow Companies

Ramirez Towing
4999-D Vanden Road
Vacaville, CA 95687
(707) 437-2800

GM Towing
532 Parker Road
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 437-2989

Able Towing
2400 Cement Hill Road
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 428-6186

ADCO Towing
2875 Industrial Drive
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 437-5860

Roadrunner Towing
1950 Walters Court
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 434-9560



What do I do if I am issued a Parking/Mechanical/Registration Ticket?

If you have been issued a Notice of Parking Violation, Notice of Registration Violation or Notice of Mechanical Violation, you must respond to the citation within 21 days of issuance.

You may pay your parking citation online or by calling 1-800-818-1832. Notice of Registration Violation and Notice of Mechanical Violation citations cannot be paid online. You must mail payment and proof of correction to:

Office of Parking Violations
City of Suisun City
PO BOX 11113
San Jose, CA 95103-1113

If you have questions regarding your citation, please call 1-800-818-1832. We do not accept payment at the Police Department.


License Plate, Registration/Tab and Mechanical Violations

Sections 4000(a), 5200-5204 and mechanical violations of the California Vehicle Code require evidence of correction and vehicle inspection before payment can be accepted. A photocopy of your registration is not sufficient proof of correction. If validation and payment are received within 21 days of issuance, the fine shall be reduce to $10.00.


Failure to Pay

Failure to pay or contest the citation within 21 calendar days of issuance will cause an increased penalty, notification to the Department of Motor Vehicles to refuse registration of the vehicle, referral to a collection agency and interception of funds through the California Franchise Tax board. If a vehicle is found on a highway or off-street parking facility and the vehicle has (5) or more unpaid parking violations, the vehicle may be impounded or booted.

How do I contest a Notice of Parking, Registration or Mechanical Violation?

You may contest a Notice of Parking, Registration or Mechanical Violation Citation within 21 calendar days of issuance by writing a letter requesting an Initial Administrative Review. You must provide the reason you feel the citation was issued in error and include copies of all applicable documentation relating to your appeal. Documents submitted will not be returned.

Mail your appeal to:

Office of Parking Violations
City of Suisun City
PO Box 11113
San Jose, CA 95103-1113

Please provide your complete mailing address as you will be notified by mail of the result of your Initial Administrative Review.

If you have questions, please call 1-800-818-1832.


Notice: You may NOT appeal your citation in person at the Police Department. You must follow the instructions above.

I paid my registration fees to DMV. Why was I issued a citation?

Although you may have paid your registration fees, the vehicle is not considered registered until all holds are removed and DMV issues the updated registration. A common hold is the requirement of a SMOG check. The vehicle is considered unregistered, pursuant to 4000(a)(1), and as such, may be issued a citation.

It is beyond 21 days since I was issued a Notice of Parking/Registration/Mechanical Violation. Can I still appeal it?

No. After 21 calendar days from the issuance of a Notice of Parking/Registration/Mechanical Violation, you forfeit your right to an appeal. You must pay the full amount due, including any late fees and penalties.

How do I get a fix-it ticket signed off?

Citations requiring proof of correction are only signed off at the Police Department. There is a fee of $22 for an officer to sign off your citation. Note: This fee is separate from any fees due for the citation itself.

How do I obtain a copy of a traffic collision report?

You can now obtain copies of traffic collision reports online. To access your report, go to www.mycollisionreport.com. Collision reports are maintained online by Crossroads Software, Inc., on behalf of the Suisun City Police Department. If you need assistance, please contact Crossroads Software customer service at (714) 494-4559 8am-5pm PST.

How do I request the dismissal of charges?

The decision to file charges rests solely with the District Attorney’s Office. If you made a report and the case was referred to the District Attorney’s office, you may appear in person at the Police Department and submit a written letter requesting the dismissal of charges. This information will be added to the case file and forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office.