Our Personnel

Below is a listing of personnel assigned to each division within the police department.


Tim MattosChief of PoliceAdministration
Andrew WhiteCommanderAdministration
Cathy LaneSecretaryAdministration

Operations Division


Dan HealyPolice SergeantPatrol
Jose MartinezPolice SergeantPatrol
Jeff HendersonPolice SergeantPatrol
Jeremy CronePolice SergeantSpecial Operations
Lisa CarlockPolice SergeantPatrol


Jose MartinezSergeantInvestigations
James SousaDetectiveInvestigations


Engelberto RubioPolice CorporalPatrol
Lex EgbertPolice CorporalPatrol
Stephen BrownPolice CorporalPatrol
Joe ElliottPolice OfficerPatrol
Lindsey O'BrienPolice OfficerPatrol
Andrew McCabePolice OfficerPatrol
Cheryl KondratieffPolice OfficerPatrol
Andre CarsonPolice OfficerPatrol
Julia LazaroPolice OfficerPatrol
Eric VeraPolice OfficerPatrol
Jessica TrujilloPolice OfficerPatrol
Alexanderea WoodyPolice OfficerPatrol
Sig NeriPolice OfficerPatrol
Jeremy SnyderPolice OfficerPatrol
Matt OrnellasPolice OfficerPatrol
Scott HeinePolice OfficerPatrol


John PittsMaster Police Sergeant (P/T)Traffic
Robert SzmurloPolice Sergeant (P/T)Boat Patrol

Support Services Division

Records & Communications

Amber KentSr. Public Safety DispatcherRecords & Communications
Anne SagamiPublic Safety Dispatcher IIRecords & Communications
Danielle LindbergPublic Safety Dispatcher IRecords & Communications
Victoria FisherPublic Safety Dispatcher I (P/T)Records & Communications
Amanda FiganiakPublic Safety Dispatcher IRecords & Communications
Joanne LavellePublic Safety Dispatcher IIRecords & Communications
Tiffaney LombardPublic Safety Dispatcher IRecords & Communications
Haley AlexanderPublic Safety Dispatcher IRecords & Communications
Erika SalazarPublic Safety Dispatcher IRecords & Communications

Code Enforcement

Catherine ChandlerCommunity Services OfficerCode Enforcement
Amber WilliamsCommunity Services OfficerCode Enforcement

Professional Standards

Charles HeitzBackground Investigator (P/T)Professional Standards

Property & Evidence

Pamela GreenwoodCommunity Services OfficerProperty & Evidence
Annette HastingsCommunity Services Officer (P/T)Property & Evidence


Elaine PulidoCrime Scene InvestigatorSupport Services
Don HafichCrime Scene Inv/Parking EnforcementSupport Services