I have a question not addressed. Who do I contact?

You may contact the Alarm Administrator at (707) 421-6680.

What happens if I do not pay the fines/fees?

If you fail to pay the fine(s)/fee(s) within the timeline specified on the notice, you will be liable for late fees. Failure to pay may also result in other actions such as the filing of a claim in Small Claims Court, the filing of a misdemeanor charge , referral to a collection agency, referral to the California Franchise Tax Board or any other legal remedy that the City of Suisun City has to collect the outstanding fine(s)/fee(s) owed.

How do I contest an Alarm Notice of Violation?

In order to contest a citation, the amount of the citation MUST be paid in full. You may request an Initial Administrative Review by doing all of the following:  (1) Submit a request for an Initial Administrative Review within 30 calendar days of the date of the violation notice, (2) pay the amount due. You may pay online at www.pticket.com/suisuncity and  (3) write a letter, including you administrative citation or notice of violation, that includes you full name, mailing address and telephone number. Send the letter and accompanying documentation to: Suisun City Admin Citations, PO Box 11113, San Jose, CA 95103-1113.


Note: Your citation cannot be appealed at the Police Department. You must submit your appeal in writing to to the address listed above.  

Do the fees reset after a year (or other period)?

No, the fees do not reset.

What are the fees for responding to a false alarm?

1st Response W/Permit        No Charge

2nd Response                         $50

3rd Response and Higher    $100

If I am being billed for no permit, do I still need to obtain an alarm permit?

Yes, you must obtain an alarm permit ($35 fee) in addition to paying the fine for operating an alarm system without the required permit. You can apply for an alarm user permit on our website. You may also apply for one in person at the Suisun City Police Department, 701 Civic Center Blvd, Suisun City.

Why am I being billed for no permit when I have an alarm permit?

On the date of the false alarm, you did not have an alarm permit on file; therefore, you are liable for the no permit fine.

I had a false alarm at my business/residence, but it was due to a problem with my alarm system. Am I still liable for the response fee?

Yes. Note: In some cases, your alarm service provider may reimburse you when the false alarm was due to a known problem with your alarm system.