What other conditions might be City Code violations?

Your property may not be in compliance with city codes if you have any of the following violations occurring:

  •  Abandoned, Wrecked, Dismantled or Inoperative Vehicles
  •  Vehicles(s) trailer on lawn or other unimproved surface
  •  Vehicles(s) on jackstands / blocks / supports on private property
  •  Hazardous Vehicles on City Streets
  •  Accumulation of items / rubbish or stored discarded items in yard
  •   Abandoned or unused appliance(s) (refrigerators, washer / dryers, ovens), sinks / toilets, etc.
  •  Overgrown grass / weeds / trees / bushes / shrubs
  •  Obstruction of public right-of-way
  •  Garbage & yard waste toters obstructing public right-of-way
  •   Basketball hoops / skateramps obstructing public right-of-way
  •  Repairing or working on vehicles on City Streets prohibited
  •  Graffiti
  •  Construction equipment or machinery stored visible to the general public
  •  Any condition recognized in law or in equity as constituting a public nuisance

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