Code Enforcement

The mission of the Code Enforcement Unit is to enforce city codes to eliminate blight that invites crime and contributes to the deterioration of our neighborhoods. The unit handles a variety of cases that occur on both public and private property. The unit works hard to clean up and improve our neighborhoods.

The team consists of two Code Enforcement Officers supervised by a Sergeant. The Code Enforcement team works with other departments within city government such as the Public Works Department and City Attorney’s Office.

Common Violations

Some of the most common violations handled by Code Enforcement include:

  • Hazardous Vehicles on City Streets & Private Property
  • Sidewalk Hazards
  • Vehicles Abandoned or Stored on Public/Private Property
  • Trash & Debris on Private Property
  • RVs Parked on Public Property
  • Illegal Camping
  • Basketball Standards & Skateboard Ramps
  • Garbage Toters

Code Enforcement FAQs

What other conditions might be City Code violations?

Your property may not be in compliance with city codes if you have any of the following violations occurring:

  •  Abandoned, Wrecked, Dismantled or Inoperative Vehicles
  •  Vehicles(s) trailer on lawn or other unimproved surface
  •  Vehicles(s) on jackstands / blocks / supports on private property
  •  Hazardous Vehicles on City Streets
  •  Accumulation of items / rubbish or stored discarded items in yard
  •   Abandoned or unused appliance(s) (refrigerators, washer / dryers, ovens), sinks / toilets, etc.
  •  Overgrown grass / weeds / trees / bushes / shrubs
  •  Obstruction of public right-of-way
  •  Garbage & yard waste toters obstructing public right-of-way
  •   Basketball hoops / skateramps obstructing public right-of-way
  •  Repairing or working on vehicles on City Streets prohibited
  •  Graffiti
  •  Construction equipment or machinery stored visible to the general public
  •  Any condition recognized in law or in equity as constituting a public nuisance

Reporting a Violation

You can report a code enforcement violation online by clicking here or by calling (707) 421-3223.