Volunteer Program

Since September 11, 2001, the demands on state and local cities across the nation have increased dramatically, and yes, that includes Suisun City. As a result, the already limited resources of the Department and the City are being stretched further than ever. Volunteers in the community can offer their time and skills services to the Police Department and the City to help supplement and support officers and civilian personnel by allowing them to concentrate on their primary duties.

Here are some examples of the types of assignments citizens can take on to assist the Police Department and other city departments.

Administrative Duties

• Enter data
• Type reports, file, answer phones, and perform other office tasks
• Help front counter personnel by answering citizen inquiries and performing routine administrative tasks
• Help telephone reporting units take reports of minor and “no suspect” crimes

Citizen Patrols

• Provide bike patrols in community parks
• Patrol shopping centers during the holiday season to assist stranded motorists or lost children
• Write citations for violations of handicapped parking restrictions
• Participate in marine patrols
• Home vacation checks
Community Liaison Activities
• Citizens’ police academies
• Staff community policing substations
• Staff a department booth and distribute information on police and other City services at community events

Assist with

• Search and rescue activities
• Role-playing and training scenarios for officers
• Victim assistance
• Disaster response
• Graffiti abatement programs
• Special events
• Crime prevention programs
• Fingerprinting

Youth-Related Activities

• Serve as a mentor
• Help with teen police academies
• Assist with after-school programs
• Explorer Posts
• Completing internships

How to Become a Volunteer

Community members can really have an impact in making this City much safer, cleaner, and friendlier by volunteering for the benefit of others.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Community Services Officer Pam Greenwood via telephone at (707) 435-2748 or email.