Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is one of the most effective means of fighting crime in our community through active partnerships with the Police Department. Residents are experts on what is going on in their neighborhood, and are in the best position to:

  • Report crime
  • Report unsafe street conditions
  • Report City Code violations, street light outages, abandoned vehicles, trash and debris, etc.

Get to Know Your Neighbors, Get to Know Your Neighborhood

Neighborhood Watch is a group of residents living in the same area who want to make their neighborhood safer by working together and with the Suisun City Police Department to reduce crime, solve safety problems and improve the quality of life in their community.

Neighborhood Watch teaches you how to:

  • Recognize and report crimes and suspicious activities
  • Protect yourself, your family and your property
  • Protect your neighbor’s family and property
  • Reduce the risk of being victimized at home and in public
  • Identify neighbors’ routines so out-of-place activity can be reported and investigated
  • Identify crime and disorder problems in your area, and work with Suisun City Police personnel to solve them.

Neighborhood Watch volunteers gather information that can help police tackle local problems, and alert police when there is a particular crime in the area. Watch groups vary in size depending on the neighborhood and sometimes have a specific focus (i.e. neighborhood patrol, vacation watch, school watch, escort service for the elderly, safe house for neighborhood children).

How to Join Neighborhood Watch

Contact Support Commander via phone at (707) 421-7373 or email.