Boating Safety

The Suisun City Police Dept Boat on the water with the Officers on board.
A Boat Patrol Officer on a jet ski with Suisun City Hall in the background.
Two Jet Skis in the Suisun City Marnina

The Boating Safety and Enforcement Unit is responsible for patrolling the waterways surrounding Suisun City. The purpose of the unit is to educate the boating public, enforce safe boating laws, respond to boating assistance calls and investigate vessel collisions. The unit utilizes two patrol boats and two personal watercraft that are staffed by specially trained police officers.

Patrol Vessels

The police boats are equipped virtually the same as a patrol car, complete with emergency lights, spot lights, radios and an assortment of water rescue and firefighting equipment. The primary patrol boat is also equipped with the GPS, radar and electronic navigation equipment.

The personal watercraft are complete with emergency lights and sirens. These watercraft provide quick access to events on the water and also perform well in shallow waters.

California Department of Boating and Waterways Partnership

The unit is funded almost entirely by grant assistance through the California Department of Boating and Waterways. We are one of only two police department boating programs funded directly by the State.

Water Events and Regional Enforcement Efforts

In addition to routine patrol, the unit participates in yearly water events, including the boat parade, July 4th celebration and the Christmas boat parade. The unit also participates in regional enforcement efforts in conjunction with the United States Coast Guards and regional law enforcement agencies.