Trespass Letter


In California, property owners can address issues of trespassing by filing a trespass authorization letter with your local police agency. A trespass authorization letter under SB 602 is essentially a written agreement that property owners (or their authorized agents) can provide to local law enforcement agencies, giving officers the authority to advise individuals who are trespassing on the property without the owner's consent that they are in violation of the law. Depending on the circumstances trespassing may not apply to a business open to the public, however other penal codes may apply based on the circumstances.


1) The property owner (or an authorized agent) completes the trespass authorization form. This can be done in-person at the Suisun City Police Department or online at The trespass letter authorizes your local police department to enter your property for the purpose of enforcing trespass laws. The completed trespass authorization form is signed and submitted, in-person or online. 

2) Once your letter is on file with our department, our officers will have the authority to enter the property to investigate potential trespassing incidents without the property owner being present. This type of trespassing generally deals with closed businesses, entryways, vestibules, vacant businesses, or vacant land. 

3) When a violation occurs, contact Suisun City Dispatch at 707-421-7373. Police officers will respond and contact those in violation. Officers will first ask the violators to leave, if trespassers do not comply, officers will cite or arrest the violator.

4) Trespass authorization letters must be renewed on an annual basis or when the owner or their designee completing the form separates from their management or ownership of the property. 

The purpose of SB 602 and the use of trespass authorization letters is to provide a proactive tool for property owners to protect their property rights and to help law enforcement address trespassing issues more efficiently, even in the absence of the property owner. This law underscores the importance of collaboration between property owners and law enforcement in maintaining the security and legality of property use.

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