Patrol officers from the Suisun City Police Department are proud to be part of this community 24 hours a day. Our patrol officers are not just law enforcers, they are vital to city services and are dedicated to ensuring the safety and quality of life for all community members. Patrol officers are focused on community service. They are generally the first people on scene of emergencies, crimes in progress, traffic collisions and disputes. Patrol officers are visible in the community to deter crime, foster relationships with the community and identify ongoing challenges. Suisun City is a community where each officer makes a difference in the service to our community.

The essence of community partnership is deeply ingrained in the mission and vision department. Collaborative efforts between the officers and Suisun City community members have led to effective problem-oriented policing, crime reduction and successful investigations and prosecutions. These partnerships underscore the shared responsibility of maintaining safety in our community. As members of the community, patrol officers, residents, visitors, and businesses work together to ensure that Suisun City is a safe, secure, and thriving community.

Patrol FAQs

The Patrol Beat System assigns patrol officers to specific geographic areas within the city. This approach ensures that officers are familiar with their assigned neighborhoods, leading to faster response times in emergencies and a more personalized connection with residents. The city is divided into three patrol beats, with officers assigned working both day and night shifts, ensuring constant vigilance and safety.

Beats allow us to identify ongoing issues, neighborhood concerns and crime trends more quickly. The Beat system improves continuity and builds stronger police-community relationships. Through this approach, we intend to enhance community service and solve ongoing problems in a long-term and meaningful way.