The Investigations Unit is charged with investigating major crimes such as murder, sexual assaults, child abuse. They also investigate crimes deemed too involved to be handled by patrol officers.

The detectives receive many hours of specialized training (such as interview techniques, child abuse investigation, homicide investigation, etc.) to allow them to properly handle and investigate crimes of any nature. The detectives operate with the specific intent to close cases with either arrests (when needed) or by closing the case with a referral to the District Attorney’s Office. The needs of the victim in every case are always considered and balanced with what can reasonably be expected during the adjudication of a major case.

If you have information in any current case being investigated by the Suisun City Police Department, you can speak with a detective either by telephone (leave a message) or in person. You can also leave your information anonymously by telephone, however the weight and credibility of this information can be in question without a manner in which to re-contact you. If you wish only to remain confidential in providing your information, this is another manner in which your information can be obtained. The detectives will make every effort to keep your identity confidential; making you reliable and giving your information the credibility it deserves.