AB481 Equipment & Vehicles

To comply with new state requirements for all California law enforcement agencies, the Suisun City Police Department has drafted a policy for the funding, acquisition, and use of designated “military equipment” in accordance with Assembly Bill (AB) 481. All California law enforcement agencies must seek approval of “military equipment” as defined by AB 481 by their governing bodies. SCPD will present the attached proposed policy to the Suisun City, City Council on December 20, 2022, in an open session Council Meeting. The purpose for this proposed policy change is to request the addition of a 33’ diesel powered vehicle to facilitate the operational control and direction of public safety units. This is not a request for an armored, tactical vehicle.

AB 481 Military Equipment Annual Report 2024.pdf(PDF, 377KB)

2024-01-18-Review-of-Use-of-Military-Equipment-Public-Safety-Committee.pdf(PDF, 115KB)

Military Equipment Draft with Command Vehicle(PDF, 20KB)